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DIS 100mm Hollow Core Scooter Wheels and Silver Pegs Set

DIS 100mm Hollow Core Scooter Wheels and Silver Pegs Set

$ 58.95

This set includes a pair of our newest and lightest wheels, the 100mm Chrome Hollow Core metal core scooter wheels and a pair of DIS classic silver pegs. FREE SHIPPING!

  • Hollow Cores! Latest addition to our DIS line of performance wheels. These new models have hollow core technology which makes these 100mm wheels the lightest scooter wheels out there. The wheels come with ABEC-11 bearings and spacers installed and weigh only 6.8 oz complete. Our new PU on these wheels is more durable and grips better than ever. The chrome finish on the hollow cores is awesome!
  • These wheels are 100mm which means they will fit ALL scooters.
  • Wheels have excellent grip and feel, perfect for street and park.
  • Free Installed Bearings are super high speed ABEC-11 with spacers.
  • Polyurethane is white super high rebound MDI.
  • Metal core is Aluminum 6061.

    DIS Classic Scooter Pegs – Silver

    • Pegs are made from strong aluminum alloy
    • Axles are 12.9 Grade steel with lock nuts included
    • Pegs measure 2 inches in length
    • Front axle is 2.75 inches
    • Rear axle is 3 inches